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While other suburbs snatch their names from exotic Aboriginal meanings or English seaside villages, Main Beach is far more literal.

Situated at the northern end of the Gold Coast, Main Beach was named as it was the main surf beach to the town of Southport. However while its name maybe be obvious, its hidden gems are far more exciting for this is one of the coast’s areas which celebrates something old and something new in style.

Prestigious Main Beach is the sophisticated, elite end of the Gold Coast, with million-dollar homes on tree-lined streets, luxury high-rise apartments and condos, designer boutique and specialty stores. Trendy Tedder Avenue is lined with many restaurants, wine bars, cafes, shops and is the place to visit. Queensland’s Gold Coast stretches 40km (24 miles) southwards from Main Beach (just south of Brisbane) to Coolangatta on Queensland / New South Wales border. The sunny, subtropical climate, superb beaches, hinterland rainforest and mountain peaks draw tourists year-round to this tropical playground.

Main Beaches population is just under 3,500 and is one of Gold Coast's strongest performers in terms of property growth. Main Beach has seen a large price growth and In the last three years  prices in Main Beach have grown by 23% percent.

One of the biggest success stories in Main Beach has been the popularity and development of townhouse living. This has created a picture perfect residential niche in Main Beach incorporating architecturally designed homes and villas alongside the Broadwater side of Tedder Avenue.

Main Beach has some amazing new developments bein planned for the future with first class technology and state of the art features. It is a perfect residential area to live or invest in, you can expect a positively memorable experience.

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